Tatiana V. Amotchkina, Michael K. Trubetskov, Alexander V. Tikhonravov, Vesna Janicki, Jordi Sancho-Parramon, Olga Razskazovskaya, and Vladimir Pervak, "Oscillations in spectral behavior of total losses (1 ? R ? T) in thin dielectric films," Opt. Express 20, 16129-16144 (2012)

We explain reasons of oscillations frequently observed in total losses spectra (1 ? R ? T) calculated on the basis of measurement spectral photometric data of thin film samples. The first reason of oscillations is related to difference in angles of incidence at which spectral transmittance and reflectance are measured. The second reason is an absorption in a thin film. The third reason is a slight thickness non-uniformity of the film. We observe a good agreement between theoretical models and corresponding measurements, which proves above statements on the origins of oscillations in total losses.

Ключевые слова: Optical coatings, photometry, optical parameters