Romanov A.N., Veber A.A., Fattakhova Z.T., Usovich O.V., Haula E.V., Trusov L.A., Kazin P.E., Korchak V.N., Tsvetkov V.B., Sulimov V.B. Subvalent bismuth monocation Bi+ photoluminescence in ternary halide crystals KAlCl4 and KMgCl3 // Journal of Luminescence. 2013. 134. 180-183.

Monocation Bi+ isomorphically substitutes potassium in KAlCl4 and KMgCl3 chlorides. Having the unique 6p2 open-shell electronic configuration, Bi+ possesses a number of low-lying excited states, and displays broadband long-lived NIR photoluminescence in ternary chloride crystals.

Ключевые слова: Luminescence; Bismuth; Subvalent compounds