Veber A.A., Romanov A.N., Usovich O.V., Fattakhova Z.T., Haula E.V., Korchak V.N., Trusov L.A., Kazin P.E., Sulimov V.B., Tsvetkov V.B. Luminescent properties of Bi-doped polycrystalline KAlCl4 // Applied Physics B: Lasers and Optics.

We observed a high strength near-infrared luminescence in Bi-doped KAlCl4 polycrystalline material. Luminescence dependence on the excitation wavelength and temperature of the sample was studied. Our experimental results allow asserting that the luminescence peaked near 1 lm belongs solely to Bi? ion which isomorphically substitutes potassium in the crystal. It was also demonstrated that Bi? luminescence features strongly depend on the local ion surroundings.

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