Tatiana V. Amotchkina, Sebastian Schlichting, Henrik Ehlers, Michael K. Trubetskov, Alexander V. Tikhonravov, and DetlevRistau, "Computational manufacturing as a tool for the selection of the most manufacturable design," Appl. Opt. 51, 8677-8686 (2012)

Applications of computational manufacturing experiments (CMEs) for selection of the most manufacturable designs among a variety of different design solutions are demonstrated. We compare design solutions with respect to estimations of their production yields. Computational experiments are performed using two simulation software tools. In the course of CMEs, we take into account all major factors causing errors in our deposition process. Real deposition experiments are in agreement with CMEs; the most manufacturable design exhibits better target performances compared to other designs.

Ключевые слова: Computational manufacturing, multilayer design, optical coatings