A. Yurova. Nitrogen dependence of the organic matter accumulation in recalcitrant soil pool. Experiments with ROMUL model in climate-C cycle framework. // Abstracts of reports on 27th New Phytologist Symposium Stoichiometric flexibility in terrestrial ecosystems under global change, 25 28 September 2011, Oracle, USA, p. 50.

Interconnection between carbon (C) and nitrogen (N) cycles in the soil has been recognized for a long time, however only a few C cycle models within climate models consider this interplay. Here, the results from the ROMUL model that directly describe coupling between soil C and soil N and is incorporated in a climate model with a C cycle INMCM are demonstrated. First, the steady-state carbon amount in a mineral soil humus pool as a function of C/N ratio in litter and mean annual temperature was analyzed. As for the future projections for the 21st-22nd centuries, the model predicts C uptake in the global soil pool due to higher litter input caused by carbon dioxide fertilization effect, but some grid cells act as C source or are C neutral. Nitrogen dependency of additional accumulation of C in the mineral soil humus pool in is seen only for the higher percentiles (grid cells that accumulated most C).

: carbon and nitrogen cycles, soil processes, carbon dioxide fertilization, climate, modeling, climate projection

: http://www.newphytologist.org/stoichiometric/27thNPSabstractbook.pdf