Katrich N.S.How can biodiversity decide ecological problems e-conference Targets for biodiversity beyond 2010 Research supporting policy 26th August - 16th September 2009 // http://forums.ceh.ac.uk:8080~biostrat/login

Now many factors of variability of biosystems and first of all – variability of organisms and kinds are saved up. Evolutionary systematization of plants gets all more synthetic character, as much as possible using data of comparative and evolutionary morphology, embryology, phytochemistry, etc. Development of the theory of systematization proceeds, important value is got with changes in a condition of an environment. The ecological aspect of consideration of taxonomy gives other set of parameters that can be accompanied by revision of regular structure of the given regional florae, detailed studying of separate, the most undergone to external influence, taxons. Our task is to allocate the most dynamical attributes of plural character, the individual attributes changing in reply to concrete influence, set of changes of morphological attributes in reply to concrete influence, definition of conditions at which the display answer of one or sets of morphological attributes (vital forms) on concrete environmental influence is possible.

Ключевые слова: systematization of plants, ecological aspect, taxons, morphological attributes