.. The evolution of phylogenetic system and ecology // E-ConferenceEvolution and Biodiversity: The evolutionary basis of biodiversity and its potential for adaptation to global change 1st 19th March 2010 ( : http://win.mail.ru/cgi-bin/msglist?folder=0&2145270639#/cgi-bin/readmsg_Q_id=1269011137000000027 8&folder=0

The problem about mutual relation of taxonomy and ecology in its technogenic execution is put. The attention to the question about new taxonomic scale is brought As a whole for phylogenesis those attributes are important which do not depend or depend on conditions of environment a little These attributes are much steadier against influences of an environmen, that is why are more important for classification. Nnow influence of factors of environment becomes so stressful, that the attention is already brought to the question "Are there preconditions of revision of phylogenetic system of the higher plants in the conditions of varying environment" We have allocated the conditions accompanied by plural changes of morphological attributes and making a biodiversity of flora in biosphere: Taxonomy and ecology, Geobackground, Anthropogenous pollution, Adaptation, Plants introduction, Agricultural coenosis, Geopathogenic zones, Occurrence of rare and disappearing kinds.

: Phylogenesis environment macroevolution technogenesis morphological attributes