Gordov E.P., Fazliev A.Z., Lykosov V.N., Okladnikov I.G., Titov A.G. Development of a web-based information-computational infrastructure for the Siberia Integrated Study. In: Environmental Change in Siberia. Earth Observation, Field Studies and Modelling (Advances in Global Change Research, v. 40), 2010, p. 233-252.

To understand dynamics of regional environment properly and perform its assessment on the base of monitoring and modeling an information-computational infrastructure is required. Management of multidisciplinary environmental data coming from large regions requires new data management structures and approaches. In this chapter on the base of an analysis of interrelations between complex (integrated) environment study in large region and modern information-computational technologies major general properties of distributed information-computational infrastructure required to support planned within Siberia Integrated Regional Study (SIRS) investigations of environmental changes in Siberia are discussed. The infrastructure developed in cooperation of Russian Academy of Science (Siberian Branch) specialists with their European and American partners/counterparts is aimed at support of multidisciplinary and distributed teams of specialists performing cooperative work with tools for exchange and sharing of data, models and knowledge optimizing the usage of information-computational resources, services and applications. Recently developed key elements of the SIRS infrastructure are described in details.

: Environmental monitoring and assessment, climate, information systems, meteorology, regional climate change