"Application of the CHARM++ software model as a target platform for a domain-specific language compiler for the analysis of static graphs"
Frolov A.S.

The implementation of a code generation mechanism in the domain-specific language (DSL) Green-Marl compiler targeted in the Charm++ framework is presented. Green-Marl is used for the parallel static graph analysis and adopts an imperative shared memory programming model, whereas Charm++ implements a message-driven execution model. The graph representation in the generated Charm++ code and the translation of the basic Green-Marl constructs to Charm++ are described. The evaluation of the typical graph algorithms: Single-Source Shortest Path (SSSP), Connected Components (CC), and PageRank shows that the performance of Green-Marl programs translated to Charm++ is the same as for native Charm++ implementations.

Keywords: domain-specific programming languages, parallel graph processing, asynchronous computation models.

  • Frolov A.S. – Scientific Research Center for Electronic Computer Technology; Varshavskoe shosse 125, Moscow, 117587, Russia; Head of Department, e-mail: alexndr.frolov@gmail.com