"Complex supercomputer benchmarking"
Gorbunov V.S., Eisymont L.K.

A rating list and professional (complex and detailed) benchmarking are considered. These two approaches are of important practical interest. This is illustrated by the following example: an analysis of recent years benchmarking results makes it possible to reveal the consistent trend of supercomputer capability to calculate data intensive tasks more efficiently. The application methods of complex professional benchmarking are discussed; it is also shown how these methods are used in the rating and engineering design of supercomputers. An example of using these methods is given. Such an approach is unique by its multilevel and miscellaneous tests plus special tests for diverse loads on hardware. Some variants of using this approach are also analyzed and some advices how to apply test results for a program optimization and to design an advanced software are given. The paper is recommended for publication by the Program Committee of the International Scientific Conference "Scientific Service in Internet: All Incarnations of Parallelism" (http://agora.guru.ru/abrau2013).

Keywords: rating list benchmarking, complex test benchmarking, data intensive systems, multilevel benchmarking, space-temporal memory reference locality, memory reference delay optimization, memory reference tolerate, delay hiding, run-time systems, multithreaded architecture program emulation

Gorbunov V.S., e-mail: ddkvant@rdi-kvant.ru;   Eisymont L.K., e-mail: verger-lk@yandex.ru – Kvant Research Institute; 4 Likhachevskii pereulok 15, Moscow, 125438, Russia