"Synchronization of gigapixel video streams on video walls"
Drizhuk D.D., Poyda A.A., Godunov A.I.

An approach and its software implementation for the visualization of video streams on multidisplay video walls of high resolution are described. The video streams are organized according to the principle of video pyramids (similar to image pyramids). The main attention is paid to the problems of synchronization of video tiles and to the user interaction with multinode systems.

Keywords: video streams, video pyramids, gigapixel images, ultra high resolution, video walls

Drizhuk D.D., e-mail: argentum_no3@bk.ru;   Poyda A.A., e-mail: Poyda_AA@nrcki.ru;   Godunov A.I., e-mail: alex.i.godunov@gmail.com – Kurchatov Institute National Research Centre; ploshchad Kurchatova 1, Moscow, 123182, Russia