"Parallel algorithms of solving the Poisson equation using oblique cross grids in backward-facing step domains"
Ryazanov A.M., Finogenov S.A.

In problems of hydrodynamics for incompressible fluid, the procedure of solving the Poisson equation to determine the pressure is a main computing unit. The paper suggests a parallel implementation of the fictitious domain method for the Poisson equation in a three-dimensional backward-facing step domain. This method is based on the parallel realization of a fast algorithm for solving the Poisson equation in a parallelepiped. Some standard methods of solving this equation on the basis of the PETSc package are also considered. A comparative analysis of these two approaches is discussed using the numerical results obtained on a multiprocessor complex named "Lomonosov".

Keywords: gas dynamics, hydrodynamics, Poisson equation, method of fictitious components, parallel computing, MPI, PETSc

Ryazanov A.M., e-mail: ram@ibrae.ac.ru;   Finogenov S.A., e-mail: saf@ibrae.ac.ru – Nuclear Safety Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences; ulitsa Bol'shaya Tul'skaya 52, Moscow, 113191, Russia