"Highly dispersed medium sedimentation from air under pressure forces"
Mikhailenko K.I., Valeeva Yu.R.

The process of highly dispersed medium sedimentation under pressure forces is studied. A mathematical model that includes the coagulation of dispersed particles with an increase of concentration is proposed. The Stokes force directed from a disperse medium and the gravity force are exerted on disperse particles. The results of numerical simulation of disperse suspension sedimentation are discussed. It is shown that the coagulation of particles under pressure forces can be one of the mechanisms of disperse suspension sedimentation. An MPI parallelization is implemented, which enables us to conduct a number of numerical experiments using large space-time grids.

Keywords: multiphase systems, disperse medium, numerical simulation, high performance computing

Mikhailenko K.I., e-mail: const@uimech.org;   Valeeva Yu.R., e-mail: vjulietr@gmail.com – Mavlyutov Institute of Mechanics, Russian Academy of Sciences; prospect Oktyabrya 71, Ufa, 450000, Russia