"An algorithm of high performance modeling of optical nanocoating deposition processes"
Grigoriev F.V., Kochikov I.V., Kondakova O.A., Sulimov V.B., Tikhonravov A.V.

A new algorithm of high performance modeling of deposition processes for optical thin films deposition is proposed. The algorithm is based on the molecular dynamics simulation at the atomistic level, which allows one to analyze the structure of the film on the scales from 1 Angstrom to tens nanometers. The parameters of the algorithm are defined using the results of modeling the interaction of high-energy silicon atoms with silica dioxide. First results of modeling using the proposed algorithm are discussed.

Keywords: high performance modeling, molecular dynamics, thin films, silica dioxide, film deposition

Grigoriev F.V., e-mail: fedor.grigoriev@gmail.com;   Kochikov I.V., e-mail: igor@kochikov.ru;   Kondakova O.A., e-mail: olga.kondakova@srcc.msu.su;   Sulimov V.B., e-mail: vladimir.sulimov@gmail.com;   Tikhonravov A.V., e-mail: tikh@srcc.msu.su – Research Computing Center, Lomonosov Moscow State University; Leninskiye Gory, Moscow, 119991, Russia