"Application of the three-dimensional Rapoport–Leas equation to problems of hydrocarbon secondary migration"
Zhuravlev A.S., Zhuravlev E.S., Shabarov A.B.

The problem of modeling the processes of migration and accumulation of hydrocarbons in geological reservoirs is considered. The boundary value problem describing the motion of the two-phase filtration of incompressible fluid in an anisotropic incompressible porous medium is formulated under the assumption of segregation in traffic patterns. A method of splitting the numerical scheme is proposed and substantiates. The proposed method allows us to perform calculations in geological time scales. The numerical results allow one to estimate the time dependence of the formation of oil deposits on the size and power of the source.

Keywords: secondary migration of hydrocarbons, three-dimensional Rapoport-Leas equation, counter-current capillary-gravitational impregnation, finite-difference methods, splitting of numerical schemes

Zhuravlev A.S., e-mail: a.zhuravliov@gmail.com;   Zhuravlev E.S., e-mail: tesseract.tmn@gmail.com;   Shabarov A.B., e-mail: kaf_mms@utmn.ru – Institute of Mathematics, Science and Information Technology, Tyumen’ State University; ulitsa Perekopskaya 15a, Tyumen’, 625003, Russia