"Mathematical modeling of the formation of suffocation conditions in shallow basins using multiprocessor computing systems"
Sukhinov A.I., Nikitina A.V., Chistyakov A.E., Semenov I.S.

A mathematical model of interaction between the plankton and the population of commercial fish red-finned mullet is proposed. The model takes into account the water flow motion, the microturbulent diffusion, and the spatially heterogeneous distribution of salinity and temperature in shallow basins, such as Azov sea and Taganrog Bay. The stability of resulting numerical solution of the problem allows one to carry out computing experiments on multiprocessor computing systems in a wide range of governing parameters. The numerical results show that it is possible to study the formation of suffocation conditions and to exert a positive effect on the ecological system using the methods ichthyological modeling.

Keywords: mathematical model, parallel computing, MPI, Azov sea, suffocation phenomena, vortex flow, water bloom

Sukhinov A.I., e-mail: sukhinov@gmail.com;   Nikitina A.V., e-mail: nikitina.vm@gmail.com;   Chistyakov A.E., e-mail: cheese_05@mail.ru;   Semenov I.S., e-mail: issemenov@sfedu.ru – Southern Federal University, Department of Mathematics; pereulok Nekrasovskii 44, Taganrog, 347922, Russia