"Acid effect on multilayer oil reservoirs"
Zakirov T.R., Nikiforov A.I.

The effect of hydrochloric acid on a layered heterogeneous stratum is considered. In order to describe the changes in the filtration-capacitance properties of a porous medium, a model is used in the form of a bundle of cylindrical capillaries of various radii. A formula to determine the increasing rate of the radius of a pore channel is proposed, depending on its radius, a filtration rate, and the diffusion coefficient. The resulting system of equations is solved by a finite volume method on a uniform grid.

Keywords: porous medium, two-phase flow, function of pore scale distribution, capillary radius, control volume

Zakirov T.R., e-mail: timurz0@mail.ru;   Nikiforov A.I., e-mail: nikiforov@mail.knc.ru – Institute for Mechanics and Engineering, Kazan Science Center, Russian Academy of Sciences; ulitsa Lobachevskogo, 2/31, Kazan 420111 Russia