"Parallel research code NOISEtte for large-scale CFD and CAA simulations"
Abalakin I.V., Bakhvalov P.A., Gorobets A.V., Duben A.P., Kozubskaya T.K.

NOISEtte is a parallel computing code based on high-order vertex-centered numerical schemes for unstructured meshes. It is designed for the computational fluid dynamics and aeroacoustics simulations using tens of thousands of CPU cores of a supercomputer. The underlying numerical methods and models including spatial discretization, time integration, turbulence models, and far-field acoustic models are briefly outlined. The program implementation issues are considered in details. A special attention is paid to the two-level MPI+OpenMP parallelization.

Keywords: fluid dynamics, aeroacoustics, aerodynamics, parallel computing, MPI, OpenMP

Abalakin I.V.   e-mail: ilya.abalakin@gmail.com;   Gorobets A.V.   e-mail: cherepock@gmail.com;   Duben A.P.   e-mail: dualks@gmail.com;   Kozubskaya T.K.   e-mail: tatiana.kozubskaya@gmail.com;
Bakhvalov P.A.   e-mail: bahvalo@mail.ru