"High performance computing in modeling the dynamics and seismicity of tectonic plate systems"
Melnikova L.A., Rozenberg V.L.

A brief description of the spherical block-and-fault model of lithosphere dynamics and seismicity developed by the authors is presented. New simulation results obtained on multiprocessor machines for an approximation of the global system of tectonic plates by the modification with consideration of Earth's crust heterogeneity are discussed. In particular, the possibilities of finding the model earthquake mechanisms and of considering the random factors influencing the model parameters are implemented. It is assumed that some results of numerical experiments can be used in expert systems for monitoring the global and regional seismic risks.

Keywords: block-and-fault models of lithosphere dynamics and seismicity, earthquake catalogs, parallel computing

Melnikova L.A.   e-mail: meln@imm.uran.ru;   Rozenberg V.L.   e-mail: rozen@imm.uran.ru