"Mathematical modeling of radiative electron emission using hybrid supercomputers"
Zhukovskiy M.E., Uskov R.V.

Questions of developing the algorithms and the parallel codes for statistical modeling of X-ray and electron transport by the use of supercomputers of hybrid architecture are considered. Parallelization principles of using the graphical processors as arithmetical co-processors are analyzed. An efficient weight modification of the Monte Carlo method is proposed to perform the computational processes with the employment of the NVIDIA CUDA technology. Some results of computing the electron emission from the outer and inner surfaces of a aluminum tube irradiated by photons of 100 keV energy are given.

Keywords: mathematical modeling, radiative electron emission, graphical processors, hybrid supercomputers

Zhukovskiy M.E.   e-mail: zhuk@kiam.ru;   Uskov R.V.   e-mail: roman.uskov@gmail.com