"Supercomputer modeling of semiconductor quantum nanosystems"
Tkachenko O.A., Tkachenko V.A.

Numerical research of electron transport and quantum effects in nanostructures often requires solving a number of large problems dependent on external parameters like temperature, magnetic field, chemical potential, or applied voltage. When a problem fits computing capability of a single node, these calculations are naturally parallel. Taking into account the realistic geometry of structures or electron-electron interaction allowed us to find new physical effects: redirection of the ballistic electron flow in the Y-branch, fluctuations of phase and temperature dependence of Aharonov-Bohm oscillations in the ring interferometer, 0.7-feature of conductance in the quantum point contact, formation of fractal terrases of voltage distribution, and point ohmic heating in disordered antidot lattice.

Keywords: numerical modeling, nanostructures, two-dimensional electron gas, Landauer formula, scattering, Schroedinger equation, Poisson equation

Tkachenko O.A.   e-mail: avisaeva@gmail.com;   Tkachenko V.A.   e-mail: grachevea@gmail.com