"Three-dimensional simulations of two-phase liquid-vapor systems on GPU using the lattice Boltzmann method"
Kupershtokh A.L.

The comparatively new lattice Boltzmann equation method (LBE) is a special discrete model of continuous media. Now, the LBE method is quite competitive with the traditional methods of computational fluid dynamics. The LBE method has considerable advantages, especially for multiphase and multicomponent flows. In the LBE method, the different phases of a substance are usually simulated as a one fluid. The algorithm of the LBE method is well suitable for parallelization on a large amount of stream processors that are available in modern Graphics Processing Units (GPU). The examples of 3D simulations of a spinodal decomposition, a breakdown of a thin liquid film due to the thermocapillary effect, and the process of breakdown of a 3D thin-wall liquid bubble are discussed. The speedup is about 70-90 times.

Keywords: lattice Boltzmann equation method, phase transitions, dynamics of multiphase flows, computer simulation, parallel computing, graphics processing units

Kupershtokh A.L.   e-mail: skn@hydro.nsc.ru