"Application of the Quickhull algorithm's principles to the double description method"
Bastrakov S.I., Zolotykh N.Yu.

The double description method known also as the Motzkin-Burger algorithm is a method for computing the general solution of a system of linear inequalities. Its new modification applying the ideas of the Quickhull algorithm is proposed. The numerical results demonstrate a number of advantages of the proposed modification over the original double description method and (in many cases) over the Quickhull algorithm. The work was supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (project 09-01-00545-a).

Keywords: system of linear inequalities, convex hull, polyhedral cone, polyhedron, double description method, Motzkin-Burger algorithm

Bastrakov S.I.   e-mail: Sergey.Bastrakov@gmail.com;   Zolotykh N.Yu.   e-mail: Nikolai.Zolotykh@gmail.com