"Modeling of interaction between a moving structure and a fluid flow using near-wall damping coefficients"
Aksenov A.A., Shishaeva A.S.

The interaction between a moving structure and a fluid flow is modeled using the FlowVision-HPC computational fluid dynamics software. The damping coefficients are introduced in near-wall cells in order to increase the stability of coupled integration of the equations describing the fluid flow and the construction dynamics. Two flow situations are considered under different conditions. The stability range of the numerical solution obtained without the use of the damping coefficients is estimated. This range can be extended due to the dumping coefficients. The optimal values of the damping coefficients are found.

Keywords: Navier-Stokes equations, Fluid-Structure Interaction, explicit splitting method, artificial compressibility, damping coefficients, numerical stability, FlowVision-HPC

Aksenov A.A. e-mail: andrey@tesis.com.ru;   Shishaeva A.S. e-mail: nsh@tesis.com.ru