"Modeling of separated flows in CFD software FlowVision-HPC"
Zhluktov S.V., Aksenov A.A., Kharchenko S.A., Moskalev I.V., Sushko G.B., Shishaeva A.S.

A new subgrid turbulence model for near-wall cells is proposed. The model is based on the method of wall functions and takes into account the pressure gradient (both positive and negative). The model includes a smooth profile of tangential velocity, a smooth profile of turbulent viscosity, and a special profile of the dissipation rate of turbulent energy. The profile of tangential velocity is combined from the experimental zero-gradient and separation profiles. The proposed model is implemented in CFD software FlowVision-HPC and is verified using 2D test cases. Flows past straight and curvilinear walls are studied.

Keywords: Navier-Stokes equations, turbulence model, wall functions, airfoil, computational grid with subgrid resolution of geometry

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