"Solving the Boltzmann equation on GPU"
Kloss Yu.Yu., Tcheremissine F.G., Shuvalov P.V.

The paper describes an implementation of the conservative projection method for solving the Boltzmann equation on GPU. The NVidia CUDA technology is used as a computational platform. Methods for an optimal implementation of a solver for two-dimensional geometry and methods for setting boundary conditions, implementation of the geometry, and storage of integrating grids are developed. The developed approach is used to perform computations for the problem of slow gas flow in a rectangular cavity and the problem of shock wave propagation in a narrow channel. The efficiency of using GPU for the analysis of slow and high-speed flows of rarefied gas is shown.

Keywords: GPU, CUDA, massively-parallel computation, Boltzmann equation, rarefied gas

Kloss Yu.Yu. e-mail: kloss@mnpt.kiae.ru
Tcheremissine F.G. e-mail: tcherem@ccas.ru
Shuvalov P.V. e-mail: shuvalov.pavel@gmail.com