"Evaluation of clusters with AMD Barcelona and Shanghai CPUs and Infiniband DDR and QDR interconnects"
Kudryavtsev M.V., Moshkin D.V., Polunin M.A., Aisymont L.K.

A methodology for the performance evaluation of clusters with quadsocket and dualsocket Supermicro boards with AMD Barcelona (clock rate 2,0 GHz, peak performance 32 Gflops) and AMD Shanghai (clock rate 2,6 GHz, peak performance 41,6 Gflops) CPUs, Infiniband 4X DDR and 4X QDR interconnects is proposed. APEX-MAP, STREAM, EuroBen, NPB and other benchmarks are used. The results are compared with the clusters and nodes based on Intel Clovertown CPUs. In the nearest future, the methodology is planned to be applied to clusters based on Nehalem CPUs. The paper was prepared on the basis of the authors' report at the International Conference on Parallel Computing Technologies (PaVT-2009; http://agora.guru.ru/pavt).

Keywords: clusters, superclusters, processors, performance, gigaflops, APEX-MAP, STREAM, INFINIBAND, BARCELONA, SHANGHAI

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Polunin M.A.     e-mail: mikep@tronicint.ru