"The inverse problem of wave diagnostics of pavement"
Goncharsky A.V., Ovchinnikov S.L., Romanov S.Yu.

This paper addresses the inverse problem of the pavement diagnostics via electromagnetic sounding. The linear formulation of the problem is given and the methods and algorithms of its solution are developed assuming that the pavement has a horizontally layered local structure. The approaches developed are used for sounding both new roads and historical roads. The resolution and depth of sounding offered by the methods proposed are shown to be sufficient for pavement diagnostics.

Keywords: mathematical simulation, linear wave models, inverse problems, image processing, pavement diagnostics, GPR, short-pulse wideband sounding

Goncharsky A.V.   e-mail: gonchar@srcc.msu.ru;   Ovchinnikov S.L.   e-mail: osl@starnet.ru;   Romanov S.Yu.   e-mail: romanov@srcc.msu.ru