"Parallel computations in problems of climate simulation and numerical weather prediction"
Volodin E.M., Tolstykh M.A.

     Some results of massive computations with parallel computing systems for problems of modeling the climate changes in XX-XXII centuries and numerical weather prediction are discussed. The results of numerical experiments with the INM RAS coupled general circulation model of atmosphere and ocean on simulation of climate changes occurred in the XXth century and modeling of possible climate changes in XXI-XXII centuries are described. The results of using the parallel code of the global semi-Lagrangian numerical weather prediction model are presented along with the particularities of its technology. This work was supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (projects 05-07-90355, 04-05-64638, 06-05-64331). The paper was prepared on the basis of the authors' report at the International Conference on Parallel Computing Technologies (PaVT-2007; http://agora.guru.ru/pavt2007).

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